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Genetics of Dizygotic Twinning

The TGC has successfully performed two meta-analyses of GWASs for DZ Twinning. In our latest work, we included over 700,000 participants from 10 different cohorts and 8 countries. The publications of our studies can be found under Consortium Publications. We identify several loci to be associated with DZ twinning, including genes known to be involved in reproduction such as (FSHB, FSHR and GNRH). Our studies also highlight multiple genetic loci that just fall short of being associated with DZ twinning, meaning that the inclusion of more participants is necessary to further explain the trait. We feel that our results can inform investigations of ovarian response in new and existing infertility treatment and help explain the causes of female infertility. 

In our previous work, we were only able to include participants from European ancestry. We are currently putting in effort to take a more inclusive approach, by including participants from underrepresented ancestries.